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Why Does My eCig Clearomizer Taste Burnt?

Why Does My eCig Clearomizer Taste Burnt?


Why does my clearomizer taste burnt? The clearomizer or CE4 is one of the most basic e-Liquid delivery systems for an electronic cigarette available. It is also the most commonly used by people that are new  to vaping. Some are disposable, while others like the CE5 are what is referred to as rebuildable which means the wick and coil can be changed once they are spent.

The clearomizer is simply a plastic tube that contains a stem, atomizer and wicks. The atomizer or coil is wrapped around the wicks at the very top of the stem and when the battery is activated (button pressed or drawn on depending on your battery type) the coil has power sent through it causing it to ce4-clearomizerFort Myers Vapor Electronic Cigarette ELiquid eCigbecome heated. The liquid absorbed by the wicks is also heated and vaporized.

Past its Prime?
There are a only a few reasons why a clearomizer will take on a burnt taste. The first and most probable is that it has been used past its useful lifespan. Under normal daily use a clearomizer will perform at its best for 5 – 7 days. At the end of it’s usefulness one of the symptoms can be a burnt taste. Others include, being hard to draw on, producing less vapor and leaking. A leaking clearomizer can ruin even the best eCig battery.

Workin’ It!
Another common reason for the burnt taste could be over use. What I mean is that you are taking too many or too long consecutive puffs without allowing the coil any cool down time. This will cause the coil to “burn” the wicks and thus produce the burnt or metallic taste.  It is sometimes possible to turn the clearomizer upside down allowing the liquid to cover the coil and cool it down as well as re-moisten it, but this does not always work. You have to remember that this is a very simple device.

Running on Empty?
Running your clearomizer low on liquid can also cause burning. You clearomizer should be kept at least half full with e-Liquid so that the wicks can stay moist all of the way up to the coil. Even if the wicks appear to be wet enough, they may not be supplying enough e-Liquid to the coil for proper vaporization.

Power Play!
Your battery can also play a part in burning any type of clearomizer or tank. Many people eventually graduate from basic eGo style batteries to what are known as “variable voltage” batteries without much guidance or instruction. The ohms rating of the clearomizer only allows it to handle a certain amount of voltage. If you have your eGo Twist, Spinner or Winder battery cranked up too high you will certainly cause the coil to over heat and burn. It may not happen immediately, but it will definitely shorten its lifespan.

But it’s Brand New!
The last and unfortunately fairly common reason is that you may have gotten a dud. This would be most evident if you filled your new clearomizer, allowed the wicks to soak up the liquid (turn it over briefly) and the very first hit is burnt. In most cases the shop will replace it for you.

We appreciate you questions and look forward to answering each and every one. If you have issues with any type or brand of electronic cigarette batteries or cartridges, feel free to bring them by the store for a proper diagnosis.